Portalimo Lodge Boutique
is an Eco-friendly Hotel because…


  • We respect an envoirenment
  • 4700 sq.m.of whole 5000 sq.m. hotel’s territory is used as a garden with a rich variety of plants and fruit trees,
  • No any chemical fertilizers are used on our garden area,
  • Being a place where caretta caretta turtles lives and reproduces we always protect them and inform our Guests about their living conditions,
  • As a part of environment protection programm we separate all wastes of a Hotel,
  • We use only energy saving bulbs,
  • We use Sun Energy in order to minimize usage of electricity,
  • With the purpose of preventing damage to nature we collect all dangerous waste according to necessary procedures and deliver it to required organizations,
  • Create natural conditions for all living beings of our garden.

We are doing all our best to leave a viable planet fot the next generations. And what about you ?..

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