Surrounding Historical Places

Surrounding Historical Places

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Ancient City of Olympos:

The antique city located 15 minutes on foot from the beach was built by the Lycians during the Hellenistic period. The city then was ruled by pirates for a while until it was taken over by the Roman commander Isouricus and turned into a rich harbour city. The main remains of the city are a theatre, antique graves, bridge, bath, temple, agora and acropolis. We remind you to drink water from the freezing cold fountains, many of which you will come across during your visit to the city.

Chimera (The burning rock):

Chimera is a unique natural wonder where you can reach by walking in one hour. The so-called burning rocks are basicly the natural gas trapped under the ground coming out of the cracks on the rocks which keeps burning non stop, and they have been the subject of many mythological stories. Fire-spitting monster of Chimaira had been killed on these rocks by Bellophontes who was riding Pegasus the winged-horse. According to the legend, the fire escaping from the rocks are believed to be the fire coming out of the mouth of the Chimaira monster.


20 kms away from the village of Çıralı, Phaselis is an antique harbour city built by the Rhodesians in 693 B.C. The walls that had been built for protection from the pirates, the arcs, the harbour street, the entrance of the harbour, the hadrian door and the antique theatre are sights worth seeing.



Ulupınar is a place where you can eat your meal under huge pine trees and freezing cold waters running below your feet. We recommend you not to leave Çıralı without tasting the delicious fresh trout.

Boat Cruises:

There are daily boat cruises from the beach of Çıralı and Olympos for those of you who would be interested in exploring the surrounding mysterious beaches of the Mediterannean. Sazak, Porto-Ceneviz, 3 islands and Adrasan bays are the do-not-miss spots.
If you want to add some romance into the boat trips, moonlight cruises are available to groups in demand.


You can find any type of bars, cafes or discos in Olympos which is a 25-min.-walk from the beach. Olympos is worldwide famous for its tree-house accomodation and the wooden bars and discos of Olympos are satisfactory for the young ones and the ones who still feel young.

If you want to increase the number and variety of the nightlife alternatives, Kemer – with its lively nightlife – is only 40 kms away.
Apart from all those mentioned; other options such as jeep safari, hiking tours, biking tours, camel tours are also available.


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